Fund the HIV Action Plan

Thank you for your interest in urging the Government to make good on their 2030 HIV pledge, as well as to those who already took part in our email campaign.

Our action deadline has now passed and we're working on the next stage of our HIV Action Plan campaign. Check back soon for updates!

What our campaign is about

The UK Government has committed to ending new cases of HIV in England by 2030. Following the publication of the landmark report by the HIV Commission on what needs to happen to deliver this, ministers announced they would publish a new HIV Action Plan in 2021.

In October, the Chancellor announced the Government’s future spending commitments – our campaign demanded these must include money to win the fight against HIV and fully support everyone living with HIV.

Without proper investment and an ambitious plan, we risk missing this once-in-a-generation opportunity to end the UK’s HIV epidemic. It’s 40 years since the first lives were changed by an HIV diagnosis. We now have the tools to end new cases of HIV and support everyone living with HIV, and yet each week 80 people are still diagnosed with HIV and many people living with HIV continue to experience poor mental health, stigma and discrimination.