Are you struggling to accept your HIV diagnosis and yourself?

Developed with other people living with HIV, My HIV Doesn't Define Me is a collection of videos and resources to support you to accept yourself after a diagnosis, improve your relationship with others, and find meaning and purpose again in life.


My HIV Doesn't Define Me is split into three sections:

  • Improving your relationship with others.
  • Finding fulfilment and purpose.
  • Accepting yourself.

You can find the videos for each section linked below.

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Improving your relationships with others



Some of us living with HIV find it easy to tell our friends, family, colleagues or sexual partners, while others find it difficult or aren’t sure whether they want to or need to.

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Finding fulfilment and purpose



Setting goals, whether short term or long term, big or small, can help us to find motivation, meaning and purpose in our everyday lives.

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Accepting yourself



When diagnosed with HIV, we all go on our own journey towards accepting that diagnosis. Your journey will be similar and also different to others living with HIV.

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If you’d like to talk and learn with other peers living with HIV about the issues discussed in the videos, see our living well events listings for upcoming events and webinar dates, as well as information on our monthly peer support groups.

Join My Community Forum to meet other people living with HIV online.

Get support with finding work or building professional skills.

Find out whether online counselling could benefit you.

For advice and information, call THT Direct on 0808 802 1221 or email [email protected].

This project was made possible with funding from MSD.

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