It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and we know that people living with HIV are twice as likely as the general population to experience mental health problems. That’s why we offer free online counselling for anyone living with HIV to make sure no one is left without the support they need to process their diagnosis – or at whatever point an issue arises, including those triggered by the isolation and worry for the last year.

To mark the week, we wanted to share some of the feedback we’ve had from those who have used our online counselling service. If you would like to enquire about free counselling for people living with HIV we would love to hear from you.

Recently diagnosed with HIV


'I've had anxiety attacks for years, as well as a chem sex addiction which resulted in me being infected with HIV. I gave counselling no credibility until I was desperate and even then I wasn't expecting to gain a lot. This has been one of my top 10 most life-changing experiences, if I can harness even a minute amount of what I have learned with my counsellor, it will make huge positive changes to my life, I don't have the vocabulary to express my gratitude.'

Darren, 34, from London

'I wanted to change the way I was living my life, become more comfortable in my HIV status and understand my childhood trauma. THT counselling enabled me to approach all aspects of gender, sexual identity and socio-economic background really effectively. I felt supported in the conversation and felt no judgment. Counselling encouraged and helped me become more comfortable with how I identify and present myself and I’m more optimistic about the future.'

Craig, 25, from Cardiff

'My counsellor was warm and supportive and helped create a sense of making real progress week after week. I quickly found myself able to share things that upset me and made me feel ashamed. I feel so much lighter for having been able to share.'

N’sia, 26

'My counsellor and I clicked straight away on what I was thinking about. Yes, it was very tearful on my part but he listened...I’m an old man and still need help. But I do feel more energised than when I started.'

Paul, 68, from the Wirral

'My counsellor created a space where I felt secure protected and expertly cared for with proper professional boundaries within which I could be fully open honest and myself. I felt her deep respect at all times within her gift of listening no matter how challenging the issues I was addressing allowing a major piece of healing and personal development work to be processed and healed.'

Lee, 53, from Ireland

Further support


If you are interested in free online counselling, please get in touch. If you have any questions about HIV or any other aspects of sexual health, please contact our free helpline THT Direct to talk to one of our advisors on 0808 802 1221.

Please note names and some other details have been changed to keep the people who have benefited from counselling anonymous.