Mags Portman PrEP Access Fund

Through the Mags Portman PrEP Access Fund, we provide voucher codes that can be used to order PrEP online free of charge.

Terrence Higgins Trust has set up the fund to support HIV-negative people who need PrEP but are not able to access it on the NHS and can't afford to buy it themselves. The Fund is open to people living in England and Northern Ireland who are on no income (except benefits).

Dr Mags Portman, after whom the fund is named, was a pioneer within the sexual health sector, acknowledged as one of the key players in helping raise awareness of and support for PrEP in the UK. Dr Portman died in early 2019.

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What is PrEP?


PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a drug taken by HIV-negative people before sex that reduces the risk of getting HIV.

Taking PrEP before being exposed to HIV means there’s enough drug inside you to block HIV if it gets into your body.

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How do I apply to the fund?


There are two ways to access the fund: 

56 Dean Street

You can access the fund at 56 Dean Street via a face-to-face consultation.


Apply online through our website. If you are not yet registered on the website, you will need to create an account. The application option will appear on your dashboard when you are logged in.

We will ask you some questions to establish if PrEP is right for you and to check that you qualify for support.

To access the PrEP Access fund online or via 56 Dean Street, you need to be:

  • aged over 16
  • resident in England or Northern Ireland
  • clinically eligible for PrEP
  • able to confirm HIV negative status and engagement with sexual health services
  • able to demonstrate the need for support by submitting documents showing that you have no income or are in receipt of benefits.

If your application is successful, we will text you a code that you can use as payment for three months of PrEP at a time.

We will ask you to confirm your continued eligibility for the fund every three months.

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If I am eligible and successful, how much PrEP will I get at a time?


You will be given access to three months' PrEP at a time.

If your application is successful, we will issue you with a voucher code by text message. We will provide you with a web link for ordering. You should use the code at the point of payment - this enables you to purchase PrEP directly from the supplier. This voucher code can only be used for PrEP. It will not be valid for use against any other product listed on the supplier's website.

Your account needs to be renewed every three months in order for us to supply a new discount code. We will email you four weeks before the deadline to remind you to renew. If you confirm via the website that you wish to receive another voucher code for a further three months' supply of PrEP, you will receive this by text message. You can also choose not to renew if you no longer need this support.

If you fail to let us know that you wish to order a further supply of PrEP, your PrEP Access Fund membership will be closed automatically. You will be able to reapply after this, but acceptance will be dependant on continued financial eligibility and availability of spaces on the fund.

So we can ensure that you still need financial assistance, we may ask you to resubmit updated financial documents to prove ongoing financial eligibility.

How long will I have access to PrEP through the fund?


The PrEP Access Fund will provide vouchers for free PrEP for up to 1,000 people until the end of 2020 or until PrEP is fully accessible to all who need it on the NHS, whichever comes first.

If I stop using PrEP, is my place on the PrEP Access Fund kept for me or does it get allocated to another person?


If your circumstances change and you are certain you no longer need PrEP or can afford to buy it yourself, you can let us know when your fund membership comes up for renewal. If you take no action, this will also end your membership of the fund and we will be able to offer the vacant place to someone else who needs PrEP.

If you later need support from the fund again, you will need to reapply. Support is subject to available places.

How long will it take for me to receive my PrEP through this scheme?


We aim to review all applications within five working days.

If successful, you will receive a voucher code by text message. You will then need to place your order online with the supplier. They usually deliver orders within 5-7 working days.

Please note that Terrence Higgins Trust does not deal with PrEP purchases or order enquiries.