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Take action today: email the Chancellor and Health Secretary urging them to make good on the Government’s 2030 HIV pledge.

There are two quick and easy options to get involved. Both take just a few clicks to complete:

The UK Government has committed to ending new cases of HIV in England by 2030. Following the publication of the landmark report by the HIV Commission on what needs to happen to deliver this, ministers announced they would publish a new HIV Action Plan in 2021. In the autumn, the Chancellor will announce the Government’s future spending commitments – these must include money to win the fight against HIV and fully support everyone living with HIV.

Without proper investment and an ambitious plan, we risk missing this once-in-a-generation opportunity to end the UK’s HIV epidemic. It’s 40 years since the first lives were changed by an HIV diagnosis. We now have the tools to end new cases of HIV and support everyone living with HIV, and yet each week 80 people are still diagnosed with HIV and many people living with HIV continue to experience poor mental health, stigma and discrimination.

Thousands of you wrote to the Government earlier this year. Ministers saw the surge of support for an HIV Action Plan worthy of its name. Now we need you to join us in making one final push.

You can help change this and change lives.

On Wednesday 27 October, the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak MP, will announce the Treasury’s spending commitments for the next three years in the Spending Review – money to tackle HIV must be part of this. Soon afterwards, we expect Health Secretary Sajid Javid MP to publish the UK Government’s new HIV Action Plan, which will be England’s roadmap to the 2030 goal.

Take action today


That’s why we need your help. We’re asking our supporters to email the Chancellor and Health Secretary urging them to get these historic decisions right.

We’ve got two ways to take action; both are quick, easy and take just a few clicks:

For people living with HIV who are happy to share their status

If you’re living with HIV, we want to ensure your voice is heard in the corridors of power. Working alongside our panel of service users, we’ve drafted a template email to Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid, with your local MP copied in, underlining the importance of support for people living with HIV. There’s space in the template if you want to share anything else about your diagnosis or something else more personal. You can sign the letter using your initials if you prefer.

Email your letter now.

For everyone else

Our other email to Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid set outs the extra money that’s needed and why the HIV Action Plan must be ambitious. A copy of the letter will also be sent to your local MP.

While this campaign primarily focuses on England, we’re also asking supporters in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland to take part using a slightly tweaked letter. New money for the HIV Action Plan in England will automatically provide additional health funding to the devolved governments, so our hope is they would use this to deliver the 2030 HIV goal.

Email your letter now.

Here’s what we’re asking for from the Chancellor and Health Secretary:

1. Expanded HIV testing. Everyone needs to know their HIV status so they can get HIV treatment if needed. We want to see free at-home testing all year round and regular tests in hospitals and GPs in areas of high rates of HIV.

2. Greater support for people living with HIV. Regardless of where someone lives in the country, they should have access to life-saving treatment, mental health, and support services, so they can enjoy healthier lives.

3. Increased funding for HIV prevention. More people need to be aware of and have access to the HIV prevention drug PrEP.

4. New national HIV prevention programmes and campaigns. These must inform and educate people about the realities of HIV in 2021, stopping HIV stigma including the fact that people on effective treatment can’t pass the virus on.

Share your support for the campaign


Post on social media with the tag #0HIVby30. Here is an example tweet:

We can end new cases of HIV by 2030 but we need funding and an ambitious plan. 🚨

I've written to @RishiSunak and @sajidjavid urging them to fund #0HIVby30. No one can be left behind in this fight.

Send your own message at

We want to ensure that the 106,000 people living with HIV are heard loud and clear as part of this campaign. HIV treatment now means people living with HIV can expect a healthy life and can’t pass the virus on, but we also know stigma and misinformation persists. We’re encouraging people living with HIV – who feel comfortable doing so – to record a short video to post on social media about why they support this campaign and why the Chancellor needs to make funding available to support people living with HIV in England. Tag the Chancellor (@RishiSunak), the Health Secretary (@sajidjavid) and Terrence Higgins Trust (@THTorguk).

Please take action today. Together we can make history.

If you're living with HIV and happy to share this

If you're not living with HIV or would prefer to send the other letter