You help us to be here for everyone who needs us, today, tomorrow and into the future.

Our aim is to support people living with HIV in the UK. Together we can:

  • Help people living with HIV to lead happy, healthy lives.
  • Smash HIV stigma.
  • End new cases of HIV in the UK by 2030.
  • Reduce isolation and loneliness.
  • Create a better future for everyone affected by HIV.

The past few years have been challenging for all of us, and it’s been an especially difficult time for many of the people that use our services. As we come out of the pandemic, there are particular challenges for people living with HIV.

Demand for many of our support services has stayed high over the last couple of years, from counselling to our free helpline THT Direct. We’ve continued to keep them up and running, whether it’s been online or in person, so we’re here whenever someone needs us.
Now, the cost of living crisis means more people living with HIV are struggling to afford their basic needs, such as food, clothing, or travel to attend a doctor’s appointment or hospital visit. The unemployment rate for people living with HIV is already three times the national average at 15%.

In response, we’ve increased our emergency Hardship Fund grants to people living with HIV who are struggling to afford these basic necessities. With your support, we can offer more to help those urgently in need in the coming months.

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After my HIV diagnosis, I was worried, scared and full of anxiety. Terrence Higgins Trust helped me get the help that I needed.


Donations and fundraising events help keep our Hardship Fund running - we couldn’t have done it all without you. Every day, more people living with HIV are getting the help and support they need.

Since 1982, we've been supporting people impacted by HIV. This World AIDS Day, it’s time to remember, and to continue our vital work today, tomorrow and into the future for all people living with HIV.

With your support, we continue to change the lives of people living with HIV.

Your support has meant that over the last year, we were able to answer over 13,000 calls for help and accurate information around HIV and sexual health through our free helpline THT Direct.

This vital lifeline is there to providing support and advice to people after having an HIV test, especially vital to those who’ve been newly diagnosed, so they have the right support and advice to get onto treatment straight away if they need it, and helping end new HIV transmissions.

Will you help us to answer every urgent call to THT Direct so that together we can ensure that people living with HIV have access to advice and information when they need it?

Your support helps us be here to give support, information and advice to people impacted by HIV through our vital services so everyone with HIV can live and age well. Our Living Well services, from counselling to emotional and wellbeing support and group work, help ensure that those ageing with HIV receive the support they need.
Will you be there so every person living with HIV has access to the support they need?

Your support gets us one step closer to ending new cases of HIV in the UK by 2030. It’s possible to be living with HIV and not know it. With your help, we can find and test everyone living with HIV in the UK. People with HIV who are on treatment can’t pass it on and can live long healthy lives.

Will you be here so together we can end new cases of HIV in the UK by 2030?

Together we will be here to support people impacted by HIV today, tomorrow and into the future.

Where your money goes


When you support us, you show your support to every person living with HIV in the UK. Every penny you donate makes a difference to their lives, creates positive change to bring stigma to an end and take us one step closer to ending HIV transmissions. Thank you.

Below are some more examples of how your donations can help support us in our mission.

  • £10.74 could cover the cost of one HIV self test kit. The sooner people know their status, the quicker they can get access to medication and support to live full and healthy lives.
  • £50 could pay for just over a month’s training for five THT Direct volunteers to provide emotional support and essential information about HIV and sexual health. THT Direct is an invaluable lifeline that helps nearly 20,000 vulnerable people each year.
  • £150 could support the training and development of a Positive Voices speaker - a community project where people living with HIV share their personal stories to raise awareness and stop stigma.
  • £500 could pay for 21 one-hour online counselling sessions to support people living with or affected by HIV.
  • £1,000 could pay for just under a whole year’s costs to maintain the My Community Forum peer support network, a safe space for sharing and asking questions for many people living with HIV.

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