We deliver a whole population and targeted sexual health promotion service in Essex as part of Essex Sexual Health Service.

Find out about our clinic and other services in Thurrock.

Sexual health for young people


We offer a variety of services to help support young people around their sexual health. This includes working directly with young people as well as supporting professionals, educational establishments, and parents/carers around relationship and sexual health education.

Find out more about our free professional training programme on Eventbrite.

We also offer a one-to-one education and early intervention programme to young people aged 13-25 that may be vulnerable or at risk of sexual ill health. Refer a young person into this programme.

To contact our services for young people, please email [email protected].



Our clinics run either weekly or monthly. All clinics are currently appointment only and are closed on bank holidays.

The services our clinics offer include:

  • Testing for HIV
  • Testing for STIs
  • Sexual health information and advice

Order a free HIV self test kit


We're offering free HIV self test kits to people within Essex from groups most affected by HIV.

We normally charge for the tests. Providing you live in the qualifying area, under the local authority of Essex county council, you won't be asked for payment at checkout.

If you aren't eligible for a test from this service, you can search for other free online HIV testing options.

Testing for syphilis


Worried about contracting syphilis? Find out more information about syphilis, including the symptoms to look out for and where to get tested in Essex.

Free condoms


We offer free condoms and lube for clinic walk-in users, as well as via outreach at events in the local community.

We no longer offer condoms by post. If you are 25 and over, you can order free condoms through the Essex Sexual Health Service online portal.

If you are aged 16 to 24, get free condoms using the eC-Card app.

Service user involvement


Are you interested in giving feedback on your local sexual health offer?

We're looking for people who want to be involved in service user involvement opportunities. This could range from completing an online survey to joining a focus group.

Help shape our services in Essex.

Essex Wellbeing Service


Our team of outreach wellbeing coaches works in partnership with other providers to improve the health and wellbeing within seldom-heard from communities across Essex.

Our focus is on delivering one-to-one coaching, health promotion sessions and health checks, support with smoking cessation, weight management and the general wellbeing of your clients

As an integral part of the Essex Wellbeing Service team, we have a dedicated smoking cessation advisor delivering a one-year smoking cessation pilot program to those who are either in unsecure accommodation or are currently homeless.

We ensure that clients have access to support services as well as e-cigarette provision. Our ultimate aim is to reduce health inequalities, minimise risk or smoking-related harm, and increase our clients' connections within the community.

Visit our Essex Wellbeing Service

More information


To contact us regarding any of our Essex clinics and services, you can email us on [email protected] or phone us on 0300 373 3421.

In Essex, we work as part of the Essex Sexual Health Service.